1. What is SUNWAY PALS cashless parking?

    In addition to earning and redeeming points which can be converted into cash rebates, this is where your SUNWAY PALS card can also be used for parking and pays for your parking fee at the selected locations (refer Q3).

  2. How do I get it?

    For existing members:
    With SUNWAY PALS card
    If you have the card without the Mobile Money logo, replace your existing SUNWAY PALS card with one featuring the Mobile Money logo at the back of the card at the SUNWAY PALS Membership Counter. If your card features the Mobile Money logo, top up your card at the selected locations (refer Q10). The card can be replaced instantly for free upon presenting the existing card.

    Without SUNWAY PALS card
    Visit SUNWAY PALS Membership Counter to collect your card.

    For non-members:
    Visit the SUNWAY PALS Membership Counter and sign up for FREE.

  3. Where can I use it?

    Sunway Pyramid, Sunway Pyramid Hotel, Sunway Putra Hotel, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, Menara Sunway, The Pinnacle, Sunway University, Sunway Monash University, Kompleks BRT Sunway, Sunway Putra Mall, Sunway Velocity Mall,Sunway Medical Centre, Sunway Nexis, Sunway Giza and Sunway Geo Avenue

  4. How do I top up parking credit?

    Step 1: Visit SUNWAY PALS top up kiosk beside the auto pay machines at selected locations (refer to Q10).
    Step 2: Insert SUNWAY PALS card into card holder.
    Step 3: Check balance on screen.
    Step 4: Insert notes to top up.
    Step 5: Remove card

  5. What is the denomination of currency accepted at the SUNWAY PALS Top Up kiosk?

    We accept the denomination of RM5, RM10, RM50 & RM100.

  6. What is the minimum parking credit I must have in my card?

    A minimum balance of RM10 parking credit must be available in your card to enter parking.

  7. Is there a surcharged when using this card?

    No, there is no surcharge when using this card.

  8. How do I use it to enter/exit?

    To enter/exit parking, tap and hold SUNWAY PALS card on SUNWAY PALS card reader until you hear a ‘beep’.

  9. Can I use it for Sunway Pyramid Preferred Parking?

    Yes, you can use it for Preferred Parking at Sunway Pyramid.

  10. Where can I top up?

    Sunway Pyramid:
    • Red Zone: F, G
    • Orange Zone: CP2
    • Blue Zone: B1

    Sunway Pyramid Hotel:
    Lobby Level

    Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa:

    Menara Sunway:
    Lobby Level

    The Pinnacle:

    Sunway University:

    Sunway Monash University:
    Building 7 foyer

    Kompleks BRT Sunway:
    Parking Office

    Sunway Putra Mall:
    Level B1, Level 6

    Sunway Velocity Mall:
    B1, Green Zone
    B2, Red Zone

    Sunway Medical Centre:
    Tower A (First Floor)

    Sunway Nexis:
    Ground Floor
    B1 - Escalator Lobby

    Sunway Giza:
    B1 - Escalator Lobby

    Sunway Geo:

    LG - Escalator Lobby (CP4)
    LG - Escalator Lobby (CP3)

  11. What is the maximum amount I can top up?

    The maximum top up amount is RM400.

  12. Will I earn points when I top up?

    No, you will not earn points upon parking credit top up.

  13. Will I receive a receipt upon top up?

    Yes, you can get a receipt by pressing the receipt button on the top up kiosk.

  14. Are points convertible to parking credit?

    Yes, points can be converted into parking credit under certain conditions.

  15. How does the point conversion to parking credit work?

    Pals Points parking conversion must be in the denomination of 1,000 Pals Points while maintaining a minimum balance of 1,000 Pals Points in the account.

    Points available in your account: 10,500 points
    Min points to retain in account: 1,000 points
    Points balance: 10,500 – 1,000 = 9,500 points
    Convertible points: 9,000 (denomination of 1,000 points)
    Parking credit: RM90
    Final point balance: 1,500 points

  16. Where can I convert my points into parking credit?

    You can convert your points into parking credit by visiting the SUNWAY PALS Membership Counter.

  17. Can I get a refund on the points converted into parking credit?

    The converted points are non-refundable and cannot be converted into cash, unless otherwise stated.

  18. What do I do if I lose my SUNWAY PALS card with the parking credit?

    If you lose your card, report it to the SUNWAY PALS Membership Counter in person, by email or phone call. You can find the contact details here.

  19. Can I transfer my parking credit?

    Parking credit is non-transferable.

  20. Can I use the mobile app to pay for my parking fee?

    No, only a SUNWAY PALS card featuring the Mobile Money logo can be used for the parking feature.

  21. What do I do if there is a problem with the SUNWAY PALS card?

    If there's a problem with your SUNWAY PALS card, report it to the SUNWAY PALS Membership Counter in person, by email or by phone. You can find the contact details here.

  22. Where can I check my parking credit balance?

    The balance can be checked at the SUNWAY PALS top up machine (refer to Q10).

  23. What will happen if I don’t use my card for Parking Transaction for more than 12 months?

    If there is no Parking Transaction for a period of twelve (12) consecutive months (“Dormant Period”), Sunway is entitled to deactivate the account for Parking Credits and Member may not be able to use Parking Credits to pay any parking fees.
    SPLSB shall levy an administrative fee of Ringgit Malaysia Five Only (RM5.00) (“the Deactivation Fee”) upon deactivation. This Deactivation Fee shall be deducted from the Parking Credits balance.
    SPLSB shall further levy a maintenance fee of Ringgit Malaysia Five Only (RM5.00) (“the Maintenance Fee”) at every succeeding six (6) monthly intervals after the Dormant Period if there is no Parking Transaction within said interval. This Maintenance Fee shall be continuously deducted from the Parking Credits balance until the Parking Transaction is resumed by the Member.

  24. What do I do if I want a refund on my parking credit?

    For parking credit refund, please proceed to SUNWAY PALS Membership Counter and fill a refund form. A processing fee of Ringgit Malaysia Six (RM6.00) will be levied before the final balance is refunded.

  25. How do I get a refund on my parking credit if I lose my card?

    Please proceed to SUNWAY PALS Membership Counter to get a refund on the parking credit.