CARs International has been operating in the car beauty care services in all the majority of the shopping malls since 1973.  CARs offer many ranges of professional restoration services, each carried out to the utmost level of care and quality according to the ISO: 9001 tenets.  Car owners can have their vehicles pampered with services such as paint restoration and protection, paint sealant treatment, vacuuming, interior and engine cleaning.

We also provide premium Coating treatment using SONAX (the leading German brand of auto-care products).

We have our exclusive brand owned by CARs namely OTIO deodorizing/sterilization treatment and COOL ARMOR solar and security tinting.

We use a “micro-chip” smart card and POS system to manage our tens of thousands of members. 

Here are some of the other accolades we have earned:
•    The largest chain of Car Beauty Care Centres (Malaysia Book of Records, 2003)
•    Enterprise 50 Award (2001)
•    Golden Bull Award (2003)
•    Superbrands Award (2005).

We have more than 80 CARs Centres in Malaysia and a total of over 200 Centres in Asia-Pacific.