Collect up to 31X Pals Points Deals. - Sunway Pyramid

Collect up to 31X Pals Points Deals.

Promotion Details & Explanation

It's shop'O clock! Start enjoying Bountiful Pals Points and collect up to 31X Pals Points at Sunway Pyramid.


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Dar Al-Arab (LG2.123 PY) - 31X
Future Land (F1.20 PY) - 31X
Cubix (F1.AV.01 PY) - 31X
Fleurs (B1 PY) - 21X
Fipper (F1.63 PY) - 21X
G2000 (G1.108 PY) - 21X
Top Secret Studio (LG1.88 PY) - 21X
A'Decade (LG2.52 PY) - 21X
Rimba (LG2.106 PY)  - 16X
Winter TIME (LG1.119 PY)  - 16X
Jelly Bunny (LG1.35 PY)  - 16X
Lazo Diamond (LG2.81 PY)  - 11X
Tanamera (LG1.63 PY)  - 11X
Chun Yang (LG1.21 PY)  - 11X
Geox (G1.52 PY)  - 11X
Sakae Sushi (LG1.46 PY)  - 11X
Spenco (LG2.142A PY)  - 11X
Cars International (B1 PY)  - 11X
CARs International (CP2 PY)  - 11X
CARs International (CP4 PY)  - 11X
Genki Sushi (LG1.109 PY)  - 11X
Li-Ning (F1.89 PY)  - 11X
The Under Shop (LG2.03 PY)  - 11X
Wacoal (G1.79 PY)  - 11X
Under Armour (F1.59 PY)  - 6X
Anello (F1.53 PY)  - 6X
Boat Noodle (F1.79 PY)  - 6X
Tiger Sugar (LG1.22 PY)  - 6X
Hush puppies shoes (LG1.60 PY)   - 6X
BreadStory (LG2.51A PY)  - 5X
Chili's (G1.97 PY)  - 5X
Famous Amos (LG2.K.12 PY)  - 5X
Hot & Roll (LG2.50 PY)  - 5X
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts (F1.58 PY)  - 5X
Llao Llao (F1.49)  - 5X
Esquire Kitchen (G1.42 PY)  - 4X
PUMA (G1.47 PY)  - 4X
Fossil (G1.102 PY)  - 3X
Claire Organics (F1.004 PY)  - 3X
Fitness Concept (LG2.75 PY)  - 3X
Chatime (LG2-AEON PY)  - 3X
Juice Works (LG1.RINK PY)  - 3X
KFC (LG2.40A PY)  - 3X
Starbucks Coffee (LG1.110 PY)  - 3X
Starbucks Coffee Reserve (G1.129 PY)  - 3X
Starbucks Coffee (G.001 SP3)  - 3X
Tealive (F1.81 PY)  - 3X
Tealive (OB2.G.U9 PY)  - 3X
4Fingers (LG2.127 PY)  - 2X
798 Shabu Shabu (OB.K6 PY)  - 2X
An Viet (LG2.127 PY)  - 2X
Awa Mee Bar (LG2.32 PY)  - 2X
Ayam Penyet Express (LG2.85 PY)  - 2X
Bakery Cafe Hachi (LG2.33 PY)  - 2X
Bar.B.Q Plaza LG2.35 PY)   - 2X
Burger King (F1.10 PY)  - 2X
CHIZU (LG1.08 PY)  - 2X
City Milk (F1.AV.11 PY)  - 2X
Coffea Coffee  (LG1.106 PY)  - 2X
Costa Coffee (LG1.33A PY)  - 2X
Country's Tidbits & Candies Cottage (LG2.91 PY)  - 2X
Crispy Crust (F1.AV.77 PY)  - 2X
Daily Fresh (F1.K1 PY)  - 2X
DubuYo (LG2.92 PY)   - 2X
Dunkin' Donuts (LG2.43 PY)  - 2X
Eggette Lab (F1.AV.11 PY)  - 2X
Empire Sushi (LG2.51 PY)  - 2X
Eninge Lemon Tea (F1.82 PY)  - 2X
Gindaco (F1.58F PY)  - 2X
Go Noodle House(OB.K9 PY)  - 2X
Golden Curry (F1.AV.113 PY)  - 2X
Gong Cha (LG2.41  PY)  - 2X
Han Bun Sik (F1.AV.197 PY)  - 2X
Hana Dining Sake Bar (OB2.G.U1 PY)  - 2X
HAZUKIDO (G1.121A PY)  - 2X
Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart ( F1.AV.11 PY)  - 2X
Hotpot Kitchen (SPWF002 PY)   - 2X
Hui Lau Shan (LG1.118 PY)  - 2X
Ichiban Ramen (LG2.31 PY)  - 2X
Inside Scoop (LG1.33C PY)  - 2X
JC Meal Box (F1.AV.182 PY)  - 2X
JM Bariani House (LG2.96 PY)  - 2X
Johor Mini Steamboat & Villagecious (F1.AV.155 PY)  - 2X
Joybean (LG1.25 PY)  - 2X
JUICY Fresh Juice Bar (LG1.70 PY)  - 2X
Jungle House (LG2-K10 PY)  - 2X
Ko Hyang (LG2.38 PY)  - 2X
KOI Thé (LG2.125 PY)  - 2X
Komugi (LG2.77A PY)  - 2X
Koomi (LG.K.11 PY)  - 2X
KungFu Sushi (F1.101 PY)  - 2X
Kyochon 1991 (LG2.95 PY)  - 2X
Legend of Tea (LG1.98 PY)  - 2X
Little Hot Wok (F1.AV.190 PY)  - 2X
Madam Kwan's (G1.112 PY)  - 2X
Mantra Indian Cuisine (LG2.122 PY)  - 2X
Menya Miyabi Hokkaido Ramen (G.001B PYW)  - 2X
Mr.Teppanyaki (LG2.39 PY)  - 2X
Muar Road (F1.AV.76 PY)  - 2X
MyeongDong Topokki (F1.AV.148 PY)  - 2X
MyEureka Snack Bar (F1.100 PY)  - 2X
MyungRang (LG2.38B PY)  - 2X
Nando's (LG2.56 PY)  - 2X
Ole-Ole Bali (OB.1C PY)  - 2X
Originalcake Factory (LG2.43A PY)  - 2X
Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul (LG2.90 PY)  - 2X
Pizza Hut (LG2.40A PY)  - 2X
Porridge Time (F1.AV.187 PY)  - 2X
PUTIEN (LG1.45 PY)   - 2X
Rakuzen (OB2.F.U2 PY)  - 2X
Ramen Matsuri (LG2.87 PY)  - 2X
Red Sun Tokpokki (LG2.45 PY)  - 2X
ROCKU Yakiniku (OB3.LG1.07 PY)  - 2X
Salad Atelier  (LG1.110 PY)  - 2X
Secret Recipe (LG2.48 PY)  - 2X
Seoul Garden (LG2.126 PY)  - 2X
Simple Life Vegetarian (LG2.126 PY)  - 2X
Spag & Ju's (LG2.37 PY)  - 2X
Sticky (LG1.65 PY)  - 2X
Stuff'D (LG2.53 PY)  - 2X
Sukiya (LG2.30 PY)  - 2X
Sushi King (LG1.42 PY)  - 2X
Sushi Zanmai (OB2.F.U1 PY)  - 2X
T.G.I. Friday's (F1.92 PY)  - 2X
Thai Thai (G1.135 PY)  - 2X
The Alley (LG1.112A PY)  - 2X
The BAR°N Wine Bar (OB.K2 PY)  - 2X
The Chicken Rice Shop (LG2.97)  - 2X
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (G1.RINK PY)  - 2X
The Loaf (LG2.72 PY)  - 2X
The Manhattan FISH MARKET (LG2.49 PY)  - 2X
Tony Roma's (LG1.43 PY)  - 2X
Vanilla Cafe Express (LG2.K10 PY)  - 2X
Zen House (Japanese Vegetarian)  (LG2.99)  - 2X
Zok Noodle House (OB.K8 PY)  - 2X

Terms & Conditions

• Valid from 1 April to 31 May 2021.
• Present your Sunway Pals Card or Pals For Life Mobile App upon payment to collect your Pals Points.
• These deals are only available at participating merchants at Sunway Pyramid as stated.
• Pals Points awarding is based on the default points awarding rate of respective merchants.
• All Pals Points collected will float for 3 days before it becomes active & available for redemption.
• All Pals Points must be collected on the same day as per receipt. Collection of Pals Points for backdated receipts are not allowed. 
• Total Pals Points awarding are capped at 100,000,000 Pals Points within the Bountiful Points campaign period.
• Sunway Pals reserves the right to refuse, alter, amend, delete, or add to the stated T&C at any time without prior notice.

General Terms & Conditions
• Sunway Pals reserves the right, at any time, to vary, modify, replace, substitute or terminate the campaign without prior notification to members and without being liable in any way to members.
• Sunway Pals reserves the right to publish or display the names and photographs of winners for advertising and publicity purposes or any other use as the management deems fit and without prior notice, unless prohibited by law.
• If you do not wish to be featured in any editorial or advertising content in the future, kindly write a letter to Sunway Pals Loyalty Sdn. Bhd., Level 12 Menara Sunway, Jalan Lagoon Timur, Bandar Sunway, 47500, Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan or email to [email protected] and your request will be processed within 30 days of the receipt of letter or email. With regards with any of your appearance(s) in our videos, the images will be removed only after the promotional campaign ends.
• By participating in this campaign, participants agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, and the decisions of the Organiser.

Privacy Policy
• The protection of personal data is an important concern to Sunway and any personal data collected on this form will be treated in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Notice of the company at
• Participants are deemed to have read the Personal Data Protection Notice (“Notice”) (as posted on and agreed to the processing of their personal information in accordance with the Notice.

Date Period

Valid from 1 April 2021 to 31 May 2021