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GMO Research FAQ


1. Survey in Malay


For the majority of the surveys, our clients design the questionnaire. The majority of the surveys are in English. However, for some studies, the client is looking for panelists that understand Malay. Since these surveys are voluntary, the participation of a survey in a specific language is determined by the panelist's decision.


2. Did not qualify for Survey


Most surveys are looking for panelists with certain criteria. Example: Purchased a new car in the past 3 years, traveled abroad in the last year, have a full time job, etc. Researchers do not want to give the targeting criteria to prevent fraudulent responses. Thus, panelists go through a pre-screener before going into the actual survey. If they do not qualify, they will get the minimum 5 points. We are one of the few companies in the industry that give incentives to non-qualified responses.


3. Questions sound unnatural


There are two cases that can lead to this inquiry: poor translations and red herring questions.


Red herring questions are to detect if robots are taking the survey. For example, there might be a question about what color the sky is or if you went to Mars yesterday. These are to check that the panelist is properly reading the question and the sessions is not being done by a machine.


The other is translation; most surveys are based in English and then translated into local languages. Sometimes questions are not translated accurately. The important thing is that the question can be understood. If the translation confuses panelists or if the translations will influence the outcome of the data, we will stop the survey and ask the client to fix.


4. Click on the survey and it is already closed


Many projects are in a race to get done and we are competing with other vendors to fill quotas. 

If a client is looking for 100 completes and you are the 101st respondent and happen to click on the URL too late, then access to the survey will not be granted. My advice is to access the survey as soon as possible.


5. Privacy

Q. How is it protected?

A. We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link. It ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. For more information, please check below.


6. Registration

Q. Why do I need fill in my personal details during the Registration process?

A. This is to ensure that surveys sent to you match your interests, characteristics (demographics such as age, gender, etc.), geographic location (state or country where you live) and technology use (type of computer, Internet access, etc.). We rely on the information you provide during the registration process. It also helps us to create a panel of consumers that represents the entire population.

When we conduct a study, we analyze and summarize the survey results to highlight certain demographic, geographic and technology-related information. To keep our commitment to your privacy, we always look at survey results ‘in aggregate’. We group responses of panel members together based on their member profile characteristics, and never look at results on an individual basis.


Q. Can other members of my household become panelists?

A. Yes, but they must use their own unique email addresses.


Q. Who is eligible to take surveys?

A. Any legal Malaysian resident of 15 years and older at the time they answer the first survey.


Q. Can I register more than once?

A. No, as we are interested in individual opinions. The creation of more than one account will result in your membership termination.



7. Credits

Q. How will I know how much I will be paid for each survey?

A. Each survey’s reward points vary based on topic & content of the survey which is from 5-500 (min-max) points and more in special cases. Currently, 1 reward point = RM0.01


Q. Will I always be rewarded for taking part in research?

A. You will be rewarded for each completed survey. Points will not be awarded for closed or repeated participation of the same survey.


8. Surveys

Q. Why do some surveys finish in the middle of a survey?

A. Certain surveys are targeted to the particular panelists with specified demographics. The survey will not proceed if you did meet certain criteria.


Q. Why do some surveys close before the deadline?

A. Each survey will close once it reaches the maximum respond number set for that survey.


Q. How do I stop receiving e-mail invitations?

A. There is an opt out link in the e-mail invitation.


Q. How often will the survey be sent?

A. The number of surveys varies depending on the attributes and needs of the research company at a given time. Survey participation is not compulsory can you can participate at your convenience.


Q. How will the responds data be used?

A. The responds data will be analysed in numerical data as statistics information, by the research company to help enterprises improve and produce their product and new service. Your personal information will not be send to the research company nor enterprises without your agreement on a survey.