1. With multiple cards, which card should I use to collect and redeem points?

    You can use any of your active SUNWAY PALS’ cards to collect and redeem points as the points are held in the account, not the cards.

  2. How do I add the additional card into my account?

    The ‘add card’ feature is available on the logged on SUNWAY PALS mobile app and website member profile. You just need to tap on the ‘add card’ button and key in the card number and card code of the additional card.

  3. How do I get an additional SUNWAY PALS card?

    You are only able to get additional cards when it is either assigned or given to you by SUNWAY PALS.

  4. How many SUNWAY PALS cards can I hold?

    There’s currently no limit to the amount of cards you can have but all cards will be under the same account.

  5. How many accounts can I have?

    You can only have ONE SUNWAY PALS account.

  6. What are the methods of identification for members?
    The methods of member identification are:
    a) Member ID
    b) Membership card
    c) QR code in SUNWAY PALS Mobile Application / Website member profile
  7. How do I renew my membership?

    You do not need to renew your membership as the membership does not expire.

  8. What is the validity of the membership?
    There is no expiry to the membership.
    Subject to changes of the Terms and Conditions.
  9. Is there any membership fee?

    No, there is no fee. Membership is FREE.

  10. Where can I use my membership?
    You can use SUNWAY PALS at participating retailers at Sunway Pyramid, Sunway Putra Mall, Sunway Velocity Mall, Sunway Carnival Mall and other Sunway Business Units. Please visit here for the list of participating merchants' outlet and Sunway Business Units.
  11. Can I register at a participating merchants' outlet?
    No, you are unable to register at a participating merchants' outlet. Please refer to Q3 on where you can register.
  12. What is a SUNWAY PALS sign-up code?
    A sign-up code is used to register as a SUNWAY PALS Member only at The usage of the code rewards members with points and/or qualify members for campaigns. It is not necessary to have a sign-up code to register as a member.
  13. Where do I apply for the membership?
    You can apply for membership at the:
    a) SUNWAY PALS website
    b) SUNWAY PALS Membership Counter
    c) SUNWAY PALS mobile apps on the App Store and Google Play
    d) SUNWAY PALS (for members registering with sign-up code)
  14. Who is eligible to register for SUNWAY PALS membership?
    All residents of Malaysia and foreigners, aged 13 years old and above are eligible to register.
  15. What is SUNWAY PALS?
    SUNWAY PALS is a loyalty program that awards its members with loyalty points for purchase of goods/service at participating merchants' outlets and Sunway Business Units.
  1. How do I get a refund on my parking credit if I lose my card?

    Please proceed to SUNWAY PALS Membership Counter to get a refund on the parking credit.

  2. What do I do if I want a refund on my parking credit?

    For parking credit refund, please proceed to SUNWAY PALS Membership Counter and fill a refund form. A processing fee of Ringgit Malaysia Six (RM6.00) will be levied before the final balance is refunded.

  3. What will happen if I don’t use my card for Parking Transaction for more than 12 months?

    If there is no Parking Transaction for a period of twelve (12) consecutive months (“Dormant Period”), Sunway is entitled to deactivate the account for Parking Credits and Member may not be able to use Parking Credits to pay any parking fees.

    SPLSB shall levy an administrative fee of Ringgit Malaysia Five Only (RM5.00) (“the Deactivation Fee”) upon deactivation. This Deactivation Fee shall be deducted from the Parking Credits balance.

    SPLSB shall further levy a maintenance fee of Ringgit Malaysia Five Only (RM5.00) (“the Maintenance Fee”) at every succeeding six (6) monthly intervals after the Dormant Period if there is no Parking Transaction within said interval. This Maintenance Fee shall be continuously deducted from the Parking Credits balance until the Parking Transaction is resumed by the Member.

  4. Where can I check my parking credit balance?

    The balance can be checked at the SUNWAY PALS top up machine (refer to Q10).

  5. What do I do if there is a problem with the SUNWAY PALS card?

    If there's a problem with your SUNWAY PALS card, report it to the SUNWAY PALS Membership Counter in person, by email or by phone. You can find the contact details here.

  6. Can I use the mobile app to pay for my parking fee?

    No, only a SUNWAY PALS card featuring the Mobile Money logo can be used for the parking feature.

  7. Can I transfer my parking credit?

    Parking credit is non-transferable.

  8. What do I do if I lose my SUNWAY PALS card with the parking credit?

    If you lose your card, report it to the SUNWAY PALS Membership Counter in person, by email or phone call. You can find the contact details here.

  9. Can I get a refund on the points converted into parking credit?

    The converted points are non-refundable and cannot be converted into cash, unless otherwise stated.

  10. Where can I convert my points into parking credit?

    You can convert your points into parking credit by visiting the SUNWAY PALS Membership Counter.

  11. How does the point conversion to parking credit work?

    Pals Points parking conversion must be in the denomination of 1,000 Pals Points while maintaining a minimum balance of 1,000 Pals Points in the account.

    Points available in your account: 10,500 points
    Min points to retain in account: 1,000 points
    Points balance: 10,500 – 1,000 = 9,500 points
    Convertible points: 9,000 (denomination of 1,000 points)
    Parking credit: RM90
    Final point balance: 1,500 points

  12. Are points convertible to parking credit?

    Yes, points can be converted into parking credit under certain conditions.

  13. Will I receive a receipt upon top up?

    Yes, you can get a receipt by pressing the receipt button on the top up kiosk.

  14. Will I earn points when I top up?

    No, you will not earn points upon parking credit top up.

  15. What is the maximum amount I can top up?
    The maximum top up amount is RM400.
  16. Where can I top up?

    Sunway Pyramid:
    • Red Zone: F, G
    • Orange Zone: CP2
    • Blue Zone: B1

    Sunway Pyramid Hotel:
    Lobby Level

    Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa:

    Menara Sunway:
    Lobby Level

    The Pinnacle:

    Sunway University:

    Sunway Monash University:
    Building 7 foyer

    Kompleks BRT Sunway:
    Parking Office

    Sunway Putra Mall:
    Level B1, Level 6

    Sunway Velocity Mall:
    B1, Green Zone
    B2, Red Zone

    Sunway Medical Centre:
    Tower A (First Floor)

    Sunway Nexis:
    Ground Floor
    B1 - Escalator Lobby

    Sunway Giza:
    B1 - Escalator Lobby

    Sunway Geo:
    LG - Escalator Lobby (CP4)
    LG - Escalator Lobby (CP3)

  17. Can I use it for Sunway Pyramid Preferred Parking?

    Yes, you can use it for Preferred Parking at Sunway Pyramid.

  18. How do I use it to enter/exit?

    To enter/exit parking, tap and hold SUNWAY PALS card on SUNWAY PALS card reader until you hear a ‘beep’.

  19. Is there a surcharge when using this card?

    No, there is no surcharge when using this card.

  20. What is the minimum parking credit I must have in my card?

    A minimum balance of RM10 parking credit must be available in your card to enter parking.

  21. What is the denomination of currency accepted at the SUNWAY PALS Top Up kiosk?

    We accept the denomination of RM5, RM10, RM50 & RM100.

  22. How do I top up parking credit?

    Step 1: Visit SUNWAY PALS top up kiosk beside the auto pay machines at selected locations (refer to Q10).

    Step 2: Insert SUNWAY PALS card into card holder.

    Step 3: Check balance on screen.

    Step 4: Insert notes to top up.

    Step 5: Remove card.

  23. Where can I use it?

    Sunway Pyramid, Sunway Pyramid Hotel, Sunway Putra Hotel, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, Menara Sunway, The Pinnacle, Sunway University, Sunway Monash University, Kompleks BRT Sunway, Sunway Putra Mall, Sunway Velocity Mall,Sunway Medical Centre, Sunway Nexis, Sunway Giza and Sunway Geo Avenue.

  24. How do I get it?

    For existing members:
    With SUNWAY PALS card

    If you have the card without the Mobile Money logo, replace your existing SUNWAY PALS card with one featuring the Mobile Money logo at the back of the card at the SUNWAY PALS Membership Counter. If your card features the Mobile Money logo, top up your card at the selected locations (refer Q10). The card can be replaced instantly for free upon presenting the existing card.

    Without SUNWAY PALS card
    Visit SUNWAY PALS Membership Counter to collect your card.

    For non-members:

    Visit the SUNWAY PALS Membership Counter and sign up for FREE.

  25. What is SUNWAY PALS cashless parking?

    In addition to earning and redeeming points which can be converted into cash rebates, this is where your SUNWAY PALS card can also be used for parking and pays for your parking fee at the selected locations (refer Q3).

  1. Where should I direct my concerns or queries in general?

    If you have an inquiry, you may contact the SUNWAY PALS Membership Counter or email us at

  2. How do I ensure no spam mail will be received from the SUNWAY PALS program?

    Email will only be received by members who gave their consent.

  3. What will happen to my information and points in the old card if I get a replacement card?

    SUNWAY PALS will transfer the information and points to the replacement card.

  4. How do I get a replacement card?

    A replacement card will be issued for RM6.00 at the Sunway Pals Membership Counter, G1.96, Sunway Pyramid or at L1.27, Sunway Putra Mall or at 1F, Sunway Velocity Mall, or at LG20, Sunway Carnival Shopping Mall.

  5. What should I do if my card is lost/ damaged/ stolen or if I suspect a case of membership identity theft?

    If any of the above occurs, report it to the SUNWAY PALS Membership Counter in person, by email or call customer service. You can get the contact information here.

  6. What if I forgot my password?

    Use the 'Forgot Password' function at member login page of the SUNWAY PALS website or via SUNWAY PALS mobile app to reset the password.

  7. How do I change my password/ PIN?

    You can change your password/PIN by logging in to the SUNWAY PALS website/mobile app and use the 'Update Password' and 'Update PIN' / 'Change Password' and 'Change PIN' functions.

    The password is for account access while the PIN is for redemption purposes


    Your points are as good as cash. So keep your account password and PIN to yourself and stay secured. Remember, we’ll never call, text or email you to ask for your password or PIN.

    Please ensure that all member information is accurate and up to date in your Sunway Pals Account for a more secure and rewarding experience.

    Member information such as Name, IC/Passport and Email must be updated in your Sunway Pals Account to be eligible to participate in Sunway Pals Campaigns and for verification in cases of any dispute.

  1. Are the redeemed points returnable or refundable should a member change or cancel his/ her decision?

    No, the points are non-returnable and non-refundable.

  2. Will I be notified when I make a points redemption?

    Yes, if you make a points redemption transaction of 1,000 Pals points & above, you will receive an SMS notification via your registered mobile number. If you don't have a number registered with us, please log in to your Sunway Pals account to update your number.

  3. What is the minimum and maximum amount of points that can be redeemed?

    You can redeem any amount up to the total receipt value and subject to merchants' terms and conditions.

  4. Are the points redeemable against the parking fee?

    No, the points are not redeemable for the parking fee.

  5. Do I get points for every point redemption?

    Yes, for every RM1.00 redeemed, you will get 1 point, unless stated otherwise.

  6. How is the points redemption calculated for purchase at participating merchant's outlets?

    The points redemption is calculated as 1 point = RM0.01 on first in, first out basis.

  7. How do I redeem my points?

    Step 1: Present your SUNWAY PALS card/mobile app during your purchase

    Step 2: Enter the desired amount of points to be redeemed

    Step 3: Key in the 6-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN)

    Step 4: Settle any payment balance, if any

  8. How do I get my PIN?
    Step 1: Log in to your SUNWAY PALS account
    Step 2: Go to the 'Update PIN' tab
    Step 3: Key in your SUNWAY PALS account's password & create your 6-digit PIN

    Mobile App:
    Step 1: Log in to your SUNWAY PALS app
    Step 2: Go to the 'Change PIN' tab
    Step 3: Key in your SUNWAY PALS account's password & create your 6-digit PIN
  9. Do I require a PIN for redemption?

    Yes, you need a PIN in order to perform redemption.

  1. What happens to my points when I refund my purchase?

    This is subjected to merchant's decision and their terms and conditions.

  2. Is there a minimum points amount to be maintained?

    No, there's no minimum points amount that needs to be maintained in your account.

  3. What should I do if my points balance is incorrect?

    If your points balance is displaying incorrectly, please report to the SUNWAY PALS Membership Counter. If the points displayed is incorrect due to a transaction, please bring the proof of purchase.

  4. How can I check when my points will expire?

    You can check your points expiry by:

    Step 1: Log in to your SUNWAY PALS account

    Step 2: Go to the 'Transaction History' tab (website)

    Step 3: Check points expiring for the month

    Mobile app:
    Step 1: Log in to your app

    Step 2: Go to the 'Points' tab

    Step 3: Tap on the 'Expiring' tab to see your points expiring

    (Note: Points expiring for the month will only be shown one month before your points expires.)

  5. What is the validity of the point award?

    The points will be valid to redeem for 24 months from the date of purchase or upon membership termination.

  6. Can I use SUNWAY PALS card with other credit/ outlet/ loyalty card privileges?

    This will be subjected to merchant's terms & conditions and approval.

  7. Can points award be shared for the same purchase/ receipt?

    No, points from 1 purchase/ receipt are for 1 member only.

  8. Are the awarded points transferable to another membership account?

    No, the points are non-transferable.

  9. Can I earn points from previous purchases or backdated receipts?

    No, you can't earn points from previous purchases or backdated receipts.

  10. How do I check my point balance?

    Step 1: Log into your account

    Step 2: Go to 'Transaction History' tab (website) / 'Points' tab (mobile app)

    Step 3: Check your point balance

  11. Where can I check my points float and balance?

    You can check your points float and balance at the:

    a) SUNWAY PALS website

    b) SUNWAY PALS mobile application

    c) SUNWAY PALS Membership Counter

    d) SUNWAY PALS merchants during purchase transaction (limited check for points balance only)

  12. Can I use awarded points right away?

    No, the points will be awarded after 3 calendar days from the date of purchase.

  13. How is the point's award calculated?

    The points will be calculated as every RM1.00 spent = 1 point, unless otherwise stated.

  14. How do members receive point award?
    To earn points, present your SUNWAY PALS card or mobile app when making payment at participating merchants' outlets.
  1. Who should I contact to assist on failed conversion?
    a) Enrich Miles to Pals Points: Contact +60 3 7843 3000 or email

    b) Pals Points to Enrich Miles: Contact customer service at 03-56333988 or email
  2. What happens if my points conversion is unsuccessful?

    Your points will be reimbursed within 14 days from points conversion requested date.

  3. When will I receive the converted Pals Points/Enrich Miles after submitted?

    It will be processed within 14 days.

  4. How many Pals Points/Enrich Miles can I convert?

    There is 5 points tier for exchange of points, as below:

  5. How do I convert Pals Points and Enrich Miles?
    a) Enrich Miles to Pals Points:

    Visit here for more info.

    b) Pals Points to Enrich Miles:
    i. Login to your Pals member account here.
    i. Select ‘Points Exchange’ tab.
    iii. Key in required details.

    *Please fill in your Enrich Miles member ID starting with 'MH' and followed by 9 digits of your member ID. (e.g., MH123456789)
  6. What are the benefits of this points exchange programme?

    With this collaboration, Enrich members are able to exchange their miles to Pals Points to be enjoyed at participating merchants and Sunway Pals members can exchange their Points to Enrich Miles for flights. 

  7. What is Sunway Pals and Enrich Miles points exchange programme?

    Members from both loyalty programme are able to put their miles or points to better use by widening the array of reward exchanges possible. Hence save their miles and points from expiring. 

  1. What is Sunway Pay?

    Sunway Pay is a consolidated payment platform that allows members to make payment via our Pals for Life mobile app at participating Sunway Pay merchants. Ditch the hassle of juggling with cash or swipping cards!

  2. What are the user benefits?

    Sunway Pay is a consolidated cashless mobile payment method. It is a quick and hassle free payment method where you won't need to juggle with any cash and loose change. All you need is your mobile phone and the Pals for Life mobile app. You also get an instant access to all our ongoing promotions and rewards.

  3. Can I have more than 1 account?

    Each Pals for Life mobile app user will only be able to access ONE (1) Sunway Pay account. Your Sunway Pay account is automatically enabled under your Pals For Life account.

  1. How do I update my account details?

    If you would like to edit your name, location, birthday and gender, you may do so directly from your Pals For Life mobile app. 

    However, to edit your email and phone number, our customer service will assist you at our The World of Sunway Counter at any of the following locations:

    - G1.96, Sunway Pyramid

    - L1.27, Sunway Putra Mall

    - LOT1.21, Sunway Velocity Mall

    - LG20, Sunway Carnival Shopping Mall

  1. How do I pay with Sunway Pay?

    1) Find this Sunway Pay QR at the cashier.


    2) Scan the QR code by tapping the         [   ] icon on the Pals For Life mobile app homepage.

    3) Enter the RM amount. Please ensure the correct amount is entered in order to proceed.

    If you have not registered your preferred payment method, you would be prompted to do so.

  2. How do I add my preferred payment method?

    Member may make payment via credit card, debit card, e-wallet or online banking.

    For credit card/debit card: 

    Click on the 'Payment' function and select 'Add new credit/debit card' to register your card.

    You will be prompted with an OTP (one-time-password) for RM1.00 pre-authorisation charge. This RM1.00 will be refunded to you within the same day after the card has been successfully added. 

    For e-wallets and online banking:

    Click on the 'Payment' function and select any e-wallet or online banking of your choice and set it as your primary payment method. When you slide to pay, the app will redirect you to your payment operator i.e. e-wallet or online banking page. Please proceed with the payment process at the designated payment operator and return to the Pals for Life app by clicking to 'Return to Merchant' once payment is completed.

  3. Where can I view my transaction history?

    Click on the 'Activity' function in the Pals For Life mobile app and select the 'payment' tab to view your Sunway Pay transaction history.

  4. Where can I view my receipt?

    Users will receive an email confirmation for every transaction made.

  1. How do I remove my credit/debit card?

    Click on the 'Payment' function and select 'remove card' at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Can I reload my e-wallet using the Pals For Life mobile app itself?

    No, you would not be able to reload your e-wallet using the app. You would have to do so via your respective e-wallet platform.

  1. Why can't I pay with Sunway Pay?

    You can't pay with Sunway Pay if:

    i) you have insufficient funds in your e-wallet chosen

    ii) your card is not supported i.e. AMEX

    iii) OTP no. was keyed in wrongly

  1. How do I request for a refund?

    Refund requests would have to be taken directly with the individual merchant outlet.

  1. How do I know if a store accepts Sunway Pay?

    Just look out for the Sunway Pay acceptance signage at participating stores.

  2. Which stores accept Sunway Pay?
    Merchant Location Lot No.
    100 Vision Sunway Pyramid F1.101
    3 Bulbs Sunway Pyramid F1.AV.109
    Sunway Giza D-F-02
    A' Decade Sunway Pyramid LG2.52
    A.I Store Sunway Pyramid F1.AV.29
    Bebebutterfly Sunway Velocity 1-15
    Bigmind Concept Photography Nationwide  12-2, Jalan PJU 3/38A, Sunway Damansara, 47810, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
    Blackball Sunway Carnival LG-K7
    Blaze Nail Spa Sunway Carnival F-26
    BLING+ Sunway Carnival SK-23A
    Caudalie Sunway Pyramid G1.POP UP 1
    Celmonze The Signature Sunway Pyramid F1.15
    City Milk Sunway Velocity 3-59
    Sunway Pyramid F1.AV.11
    Cubix Concept Sunway Pyramid F1.AV.01
    Daily Fresh Sunway Carnival SK-43
    Dar Al-Arab Sunway Pyramid LG2.123
    Dave's Deli Sunway Carnival LG-26 & 27A
    DE.Micare Sunway Pyramid F1.16
    Dressy Code Sunway Pyramid LG1.79
    Drum Sunway Pyramid F1.AV.09
    Dyson Sunway Pyramid G1.71A
    Flash Gadgets Sunway Pyramid LG2.141
    Foodkarnival Sunway Carnival LG-34 Sunway Carnival
    Future Land Sunway Pyramid F1.20
    GoGo Party Sunway Carnival F-21
    Golden Curry Sunway Pyramid F1.AV.113
    Han Bun Sik Sunway Pyramid F1.AV.197
    Hana Dining Sake Bar Sunway Pyramid OB2.G.U1
    HANZO Sunway Carnival F-07
    Honor Sunway Pyramid F1.37
    Sunway Carnival SK-25
    Honor Authorised Store Sunway Pyramid F1.41
    Hotpot Kitchen Sunway Pyramid SPWF002
    Sunway Velocity 2-28
    Huawei Sunway Pyramid F1.33
    Sunway Carnival S-10
    J&J Sunway Carnival SK-22
    Jaya DIY (Winstar) Nationwide Block 1-1-4, Jalan Nagasari A36/A, Pusat Dagangan Latania, Desa Latania, Seksyen 36 40470 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
    Nationwide No.101, Jalan 1/12, Seksyen 1, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
    LABORSHOP Sunway Carnival SK-03
    LASERfacial Sunway Geo E-02-05
    Lazo Diamond Sunway Pyramid LG2.81
    Sunway Velocity B-17
    Lo Hong Ka Sunway Pyramid LG2.79
    Lois Sunway Carnival F-30
    Meiko Sunway Carnival LG-K1D
    Milano Eyes Vision Sunway Velocity 1-63
    Sunway Putra L1.39B
    Minerva Jewellery Sunway Giza PC-004
    MOG Sunway Pyramid LG1.55
    Sunway Velocity 1-69
    Sunway Putra L2.18
    Sunway Carnival UG-10
    MrsCheng Baby Collection Sunway Carnival SK-09
    Multics Computer Accessories Sunway Pyramid F1.DC.12
    Musikhaus and LearnSmart Academy Sunway Giza B-15-1
    My Time Trade Sunway Pyramid LG1.09
    MyEureka Snack Bar Sunway Pyramid F1.100
    Sunway Velocity 3-56
    Neubodi Sunway Pyramid G1.81
    Nuwav Sunway Carnival UG-20
    OK Sunway Pyramid F1.39
    One Specialist Mobile Sunway Pyramid F1.39A
    Ooppa Sunway Pyramid LG1.128
    Optical Arts by MOG Sunway Pyramid LG2.139
    Picasso Sunway Carnival LG-K3
    Plain B Sunway Carnival F-31
    Poh Sang Sunway Carnival LG-10
    Putien Sunway Pyramid LG1.45
    Sunway Velocity 2-25
    Red's Revenge Sunway Pyramid LG1.83
    Ripcurl Sunway Pyramid F1.68
    SanSunway Citrineury Mobile Sunway Pyramid F1.DC.22A
    Scholl Sunway Carnival F-22
    Simple Life Sunway Velocity B-03
    Skechers Sunway Carnival UG-33
    Sony Centre Sunway Pyramid F1.43
    Star Ted Sunway Pyramid F1.70
    Stars Achery Sunway Pyramid F1.25
    Stefeno Sunway Carnival F-28
    Studio Sunway Carnival UG-32
    Sunway Medical Centre Velocity Nationwide Sunway Medical Centre Velocity
    Sunway Pharmacy Sunway Velocity B-05
    Sunway Pyramid OB3.LG2.2
    Sunway Geo A-01-02
    Sunway Citrine G-07
    Nationwide Caltex Sunway
    Nationwide Cheras Taman Maluri
    Nationwide Danau Kota, Setapak
    Nationwide Dengkil
    Nationwide Ampang Puteri
    Nationwide Selayang Mall
    Nationwide Sri Hartamas
    Nationwide Taman Desa
    Nationwide Wisma SBC
    Tanamera Sunway Pyramid LG1.63
    Thomas Sabo Sunway Pyramid LG1.33
    United Piano Sunway Giza D.S07
    Venzytea Sunway Carnival LG-K6
    Wiltek Concept Sunway Velocity 2-32A

  1. Will I get rewarded if I refer my friends and family?

    Yes, all you have to do is share your personal referral code & you will get rewarded whenever your friends or family register as a Sunway Pals member.

  1. Do I earn Pals Points automatically?

    No, Pals Points will not be awarded automatically unless specified.

  2. How do I collect Pals Points after payment?

    Flash your Sunway Pals card or Pals for Life mobile app to the cashier after making payment with any Sunway Pay payment method to collect Pals Points at participating Pals merchants.

  1. Can I register my business to accept Sunway Pay at my store outlet?

    Yes, all legal registered business in Malaysia can register for Sunway Pay services.

  2. Is there any fees for accepting Sunway Pay?

    A Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) fee will be charged to merchants upon each Sunway Pay usage. The fee amount depends on the type of payment that the user chooses. 

    Merchants can refer to their Sunway Pals account manager for the detailed MDR rates. There is no other monthly or maintenance charges.

  1. Are my payment details secure?

    Yes, all your payment details are securely stored and will not be disclosed to any unauthorized third party.

  1. Who should I contact for any Sunway Pay inquiries?


    Phone: 03-56333988

    (10AM to 10PM daily)