Spenco is a medical healthy footwear from Texas, USA since year 1967. It has received the Prestigious Seal of Acceptance Award from the American Podiatric Medical Association.  Its special features on footbed is rarely seen in others footwear in the market. It is based on the design of highly successful insoles and incorporates with :

i.               Cushioned Heel                  

ii.              Deep Heel Cupping                 

iii.             Orthotic Arch Support                

iv.             Metatarsal Dome                  

v.              Lateral Arch Support                

vi.             Forefoot Lifting               

vii.            Non-Slip             

viii.           Impact Absorbing                

ix.             Lightweight                  

x.              Ultra-Fresh Antimicrobial                

xi.             Water Proof Material

Combination of these features with TOTAL SUPPORT Technology, Spenco created   “The Shape That Feels Great”  which is suitable for everyone and able to ease the symptoms of most common foot ailments such as :

i.               Flat Foot                  

ii.              Supination                  

iii.             Pronation                

iv.             Plantar Fasciitis                  

v.              Metatarsalgia                

vi.             Shin Splints               

vii.            Achilles Tendonitis             

viii.           Knee, Heel, Ankle, Arch and Lower Back Pain & etc