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e-Gift Card

Promotion Details & Explanation

The long-awaited time has finally come! The Sunway Pals e-Gift Card feature is now available at our Pals For Life mobile app. You’re able to purchase Pals e-gift card for yourself and to someone significant now. 


How to purchase:

Step 1: Open or download Pals For Life app (http://onelink.to/3d7qhs)

Step 2: In ‘Home’ tab click ‘e-Gift Card’ icon under ‘Services’ section.

Step 3: Start purchasing


Upon a successful purchase, refer to following scenarios:

For Self-purchase: Pals Points will be credited immediately into your Pals account together with a confirmation email sent directly to your registered email linked to your Pals account. You may login to your Pals account via website or click refresh button under ‘Activity’ -> ‘Transaction History’ -> ‘Loyalty’ on your Pals For Life mobile app.


For Gift to someone: Recipients will receive notifications (email OR SMS) upon purchase with a 16-digit card number and card code to be added via Sunway Pals website or Pals For Life mobile app. 


How to Add the e-Gift Card:

a) Via Pals For Life Mobile App

Step 1: Download the Pals for Life app from App Store or Google Play Store for FREE.

Step 2: Login/register for an account in the app with sign up code PALS21.

Step 3: Click 'Loyalty' then 'Add Card' to key in the 16-digit card number & card code to add the Pals Points into your account.


b) Via Sunway Pals Website

Step 1: Login/register for an account on our website with sign up code PALS21.

Step 2: Under 'Profile', click 'Add Card' to key in the 16-digit card number & card code to add the Pals Points into your account.


How to Redeem Pals Points:

Step 1: In your Pals For Life app, click the QR code icon on the Home page & present your QR to the cashier.

Step 2: Key in your 6-digit PIN into the merchant's device.

Step 3: Pay the balance bill amount, if any.

Terms & Conditions

• Sunway Pals e-Gift Card is valid for two (2) years from purchase date.
• Sunway Pals e-Gift Card validity will not be extendable.
• Sunway Pals e-Gift Card is non-refundable, non-transferable and non-exchangeable.
• SMS charges will be incurred whenever SMS notification method has been selected during card purchase process.
• A small processing fee will be incurred and varies based on each card value.
• Members has full responsibility in ensuring the correct details are given upon Sunway Pals e-Gift Card purchase.
• Sunway Pals reserves the rights to refuse, alter, amend, delete or add to the stated terms & conditions or withdraw this feature at any time without prior notice.  

Date Period

Valid from 6 April 2021 to 31 December 2021