Go cashless at Sunway Carnival Mall with Sunway Pay! - Sunway Pay

Go cashless at Sunway Carnival Mall with Sunway Pay!

Promotion Details & Explanation

Our all new Sunway Pay feature in our Sunway Super App lets you shop cashless with your e-Wallet, credit card, debit card, or online banking while you collect & redeem Pals Points all-in-one app. 

Download our Sunway Super App here: http://onelink.to/3d7qhs

Where can you use Sunway Pay? Check out our accepting stores below at Sunway Carnival Mall or find out more here (FAQ > Digital Payment > Merchant Acceptance):

Merchant Lot No.
Stefeno Concept Shop  F-28
Dave's Deli  LG-26 & 27A
Picasso  LG-K3
BLING+  SK-23A & 31
Blackball  LG-K7, 7A & 7B
Blaze Nail Spa  F-26
FoodKarnival  LG-34 
Scholl  F-22 
Plain B  F.31 
Huawei  S-10 
Honor  SK-25 
GoGo Party  F-21 
HANZO  F-07 
Daily Fresh  SK-43 
Lois  F-30 
Poh Sang  LG-10 
MOG  UG-10 
Bluunis  F-09 
Skechers  UG-33 
MI Store  LG-19 
Cosas United  F-06 
Meiko  LG-K1D 
VENZYtea  LG-K6 
Mr. Gadgets  S-01A 
VERN'S  F-29 
Vinstella  F-K5A 
Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club  UG-09 
The Wristz  UG-34 
My Watch  F-43 
Opera  F-49 
Sandaland  UG-17 
Teva  UG-37 
Lick Point  SK-41 
Boat Noodle  S-05C 
Focus Point  F-34 
Opulence  UG-06A 

Terms & Conditions

• Points awarding is capped at 2,000 Pals Points per member per month.

Date Period

Valid from 16 May 2022 to 31 December 2025