Go cashless with Sunway Pay! - Sunway Pay

Go cashless with Sunway Pay!

Promotion Details & Explanation

Our all new Sunway Pay feature in our Pals For Life mobile app lets you shop cashless with your e-Wallet, credit card, debit card, or online banking while you collect & redeem Pals Points all-in-one app. 

Download our Pals For Life app here: http://onelink.to/3d7qhs

Where can you use Sunway Pay? Check out our accepting stores below or find out more here (FAQ > Digital Payment > Merchant Acceptance):

Merchant Location Lot No.
100 Vision Sunway Pyramid F1.101
3 Bulbs Sunway Pyramid F1.AV.109
A' Decade Sunway Pyramid LG2.52
A.I Store Sunway Pyramid F1.AV.29
AVEDA Sunway Pyramid G1.06A
Babyshop Sunway Pyramid LG2.05
Bluunis Sunway Pyramid F1.17
Braun Buffel Sunway Pyramid G1.35
Caudalie Sunway Pyramid G1.POP UP 1
Celmonze The Signature Sunway Pyramid F1.15
City Milk Sunway Pyramid F1.AV.11
Cosas United Sunway Pyramid G1.80
Cubix Concept Sunway Pyramid F1.AV.01
Dar Al-Arab Sunway Pyramid LG2.123
DE.Micare Sunway Pyramid F1.16
DJI Sunway Pyramid F1.Rink 
Dressy Code Sunway Pyramid LG1.79
Drum Sunway Pyramid F1.AV.09
Dyson Sunway Pyramid G1.71A
Flash Gadgets Sunway Pyramid LG2.141
Fossil Sunway Pyramid G1.102
Future Land Sunway Pyramid F1.20
Golden Curry Sunway Pyramid F1.AV.113
Han Bun Sik Sunway Pyramid F1.AV.197
Hana Dining Sake Bar Sunway Pyramid OB2.G.U1
Honor Sunway Pyramid F1.37
Honor Authorised Store Sunway Pyramid F1.41
Hotpot Kitchen Sunway Pyramid SPWF002
Huawei Sunway Pyramid F1.33
Johnson Fitness Sunway Pyramid LG2.78 PY
Lazo Diamond Sunway Pyramid LG2.81
Li-Ning Sunway Pyramid F1.89
Lo Hong Ka Sunway Pyramid LG2.79
Mary Chia Sunway Pyramid LG2.122
MOG Sunway Pyramid LG1.55
Mojoskins Sunway Pyramid LG2.102
Multics Computer Accessories Sunway Pyramid F1.DC.12
My Time Trade Sunway Pyramid LG1.09
MyEureka Snack Bar Sunway Pyramid F1.100
Neubodi Sunway Pyramid G1.81
OK Sunway Pyramid F1.39
One Specialist Mobile Sunway Pyramid F1.39A
Ooppa Sunway Pyramid LG1.128
Optical Arts by MOG Sunway Pyramid LG2.139
Puma Sunway Pyramid G1.47
Putien Sunway Pyramid LG1.45
Red's Revenge Sunway Pyramid LG1.83
Ripcurl Sunway Pyramid F1.68
Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club Sunway Pyramid G1.111
Royal Selangor Sunway Pyramid G1.39
Sanctury Mobile Sunway Pyramid F1.DC.22A
Sony Centre Sunway Pyramid F1.43
Star Ted Sunway Pyramid F1.70
Stars Achery Sunway Pyramid F1.25
Sunway Pharmacy Sunway Pyramid OB3.LG2.2
Tanamera Sunway Pyramid LG1.63
Thomas Sabo Sunway Pyramid LG1.33
Vinstella Jewellery Sunway Pyramid LG1.96B
Yves Rocher Sunway Pyramid G1.125 
Bebebutterfly Sunway Velocity L1-15
Braun Buffel Sunway Velocity G-06
City Milk Sunway Velocity L3-59
Cosas United Sunway Velocity L1-60
Grand Imperial Restaurant Sunway Velocity L5-01
Hotpot Kitchen Sunway Velocity L2-28
Lazo Diamond Sunway Velocity B-17
Li-Ning Concept Store Sunway Velocity L3-11
Milano Eyes Vision Sunway Velocity L1-63
MOG Sunway Velocity L1-69
MyEureka Snack Bar Sunway Velocity L3-56
Putien Sunway Velocity L2-25
Simple Life Sunway Velocity B-03
Sunway Pharmacy Sunway Velocity L1-20
Wiltek Concept Sunway Velocity 2-32A
Boom Eyewear Sunway Putra L3.37B
Braun Buffel Sunway Putra G.4
C-A-T PLAYGROUND Sunway Putra L1.22
Fossil Sunway Putra G.29
Inglot Sunway Putra G.5
Max Fashion Sunway Putra G.1.1
Milano Eyes Vision Sunway Putra L1.39B
MOG Sunway Putra L2.18
Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club Sunway Putra LG2.17
Blackball Sunway Carnival LG-K7
Blaze Nail Spa Sunway Carnival F-26
BLING+ Sunway Carnival SK-23A
Bluunis Sunway Pyramid F-09
Cosas United Sunway Carnival F-06
DABOBA Sunway Carnival LG-09A
Daily Fresh Sunway Carnival SK-43
Dave's Deli Sunway Carnival LG-26 & 27A
Foodkarnival Sunway Carnival LG-34
GoGo Party Sunway Carnival F-21
HANZO Sunway Carnival F-07
Honor Sunway Carnival SK-25
Huawei Sunway Carnival S-10
Idealite Sunway Carnival S-01C
LABORSHOP Sunway Carnival SK-03
Lois Sunway Carnival F-30
Meiko Sunway Carnival LG-K1D
MI Store Sunway Carnival LG-19
MOG Sunway Carnival UG-10
Mr. Gadgets Sunway Carnival S-01A
MrsCheng Baby Collection Sunway Carnival SK-09
My Watch Sunway Carnival F-43
Nuwav Sunway Carnival UG-20
Opera Sunway Carnival SK-28
Picasso Sunway Carnival LG-K3
Plain B Sunway Carnival F-31
Poh Sang Sunway Carnival LG-10
Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club Sunway Carnival UG-09
Sandaland Sunway Carnival UG-17
Scholl Sunway Carnival F-22
Skechers Sunway Carnival UG-33
Stefeno Sunway Carnival F-28
Sun Global Concept Store Sunway Carnival S-22
Teva Sunway Carnival UG-37
The Wristz  Sunway Carnival UG-34
Venzytea Sunway Carnival LG-K6
VERN'S Sunway Carnival F-2
Vinstella Jewellery Sunway Carnival F-K5A
3 Bulbs Sunway Giza D-F-02
Genesis Performing Arts Academy Sunway Giza B-15-1
LASERfacial Sunway Geo E-02-05
Minerva Jewellery Sunway Giza PC-004
Sunway Pharmacy Sunway Geo A-01-02
United Piano Sunway Giza D.S07
Sunway Pharmacy Sunway Citrine G-07
Grand Imperial Restaurant Sunway Pinnacle S1-01
Jaya DIY (Winstar) Nationwide Jalan Nagasari A 36/A, Pusat Dagangan Latania, Desa Latania, Seksyen 36, Shah Alam
Jaya DIY (Winstar) Nationwide Jalan 1/12, Petaling Jaya
Sunway Medical Centre Velocity Nationwide Sunway Medical Centre Velocity
Sunway Pharmacy Nationwide Caltex Sunway, Cheras Taman Maluri, Danau Kota, Setapak, Dengkil, Ampang Puteri, Selayang Mall, Sri Hartamas, Taman Desa, Wisma SBC
Sunway TCM Centre Nationwide B1-02-01
SW Seafood Nationwide Sunway Lagoon Club

Terms & Conditions

• Points awarding is capped at 2,000 Pals Points per member per month.

Date Period

Valid from 1 October 2020 to 31 December 2025